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Welcome to Arth Microfinance

Arth is one of the four purusharthas- to be strived for- as ascribed in Hindu scriptures. It alludes to the material well being of a human being towards achieving a symbiotic evolution and a superior quality of well being.

Nurturing Success Stories

  • A cancer survivor for 25 years, Leela Bai is very well known for her bag stitching skills. Famous in Jhalawar as the 'Bag wali Bai', she only stitches bags on order.
    Leela Bai
    45 years, Jhalawar

  • Mangi Bai was a small time vegetable seller, before she became a part of ARTH. Along with her savings and loan assistance through the passage of time..
    Mangi Bai
    Lentil seller, 35 years, Jhalawar