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Corporate Governance

A good corporate governance system is in place at ARTH in tune with the RBI Guidelines, which envisages adherence to transparency, accountability, responsibility and fairness in all areas of operations and in all its interactions with its stakeholders. The Board ensures, through the appointment of qualified management teams and through continuo’s monitoring, that all activities are conducted in a transparent, ethical and responsible manner.

ARTH’s stand on Corporate Governance relates to the adherence to the highest level of transparency, accountability and fairness, in al areas of its operations and in interactions with its stakeholders.

Our strong observance to Corporate Governance has allowed us to be better organized, plan our goals and strategies better and fulfill our processes more efficiently, making us stronger and more competitive. It has helped us to create credibility to our names and ensure efficient company management and administration. ARTH ensures that all the aspects of FPC are complied with, through a hierarchical set-up.

ARTH Human Resources


ARTH expects all individuals to work as a team with the objective of achieving organizational goals. The growth of the institution will be on account of collective effort of all staff. This will enable staff to have a sense of collective achievement and ownership. Effective human resource management is vital for any development agency. ARTH believes that the value of an organization resides in its ‘people’. ARTH People are committed professionals dedicated to a certain social cause and committed to the basic principle of ‘helping those who cannot help themselves’. These factors are kept in mind while recruiting, training, job appraisals and career planning of its staff members.

Entrepreneurial culture

ARTH gives great importance to entrepreneurial attitude among employees and community. There should be a positive energy among field staff to venture into remote areas serving clients deprived of financial services. Besides it would encourage entrepreneur to use loan to strengthen existing business activities and take up new business activities as well.

Building relationship

ARTH feels that building long-term relationship with the community and external agencies is significantly important for the organization in order to provide better financial solutions to individuals.

Beneficiaries' delight

The beneficiaries will be given top most priority in ARTH; therefore beneficiaries delight is of immense importance. The best services, tailored to specific beneficiaries needs, added features in product and customer intimacy will all lead to beneficiaries delight.

Pursuit of Excellence

Providing variety of credit and insurance services is not the end of journey for ARTH. They would strive to become excellent in the arena of quality financial services.


- Clear communication about the product and service features
- Maintain transparency in sharing financial statements and other reports with stakeholders
- Transparency in HR policies including staff promotion and financial growth system

Value proposition

ARTH offers following values with the financial services:
  • Treating individuals with respect
  • Credit counseling to first time entrepreneur before offering financial services
  • Credit helpline about the current outstanding financial liability
  • Creating social platform which gives chance to discuss social issues
  • Skill based training and other capacity building intervention


ARTH is committed to follow the Fair Practice Code as prescribed by the RBI. Main provisions of the FPC are as under:


It shall be the responsibility of the Regional Manager, Area Managers and the Branch Managers to ensure that the employees follow the FPC sincerely while dealing with the borrowers.


All field staff will be imparted training by their seniors/HR Department from time to time covering the following aspects of Conduct
  • Respectful behaviour with borrowers
  • Recovery in prescribed manner and at prescribed places only without any disrespectful and coercive manner even in cases of default and delay.
  • Provide correct information to borrowers relate into product, Loan sanctioned/not sanctioned with reasons, amount, purpose, interest and recovery instalments.
  • Resolving grievances of borrowers in timely and satisfactory manner.
  • Keeping secrecy of borrowers data.
  • Transparency in all dealing with borrowers.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION must be the objective of all dealings. Any field staff violating FPC will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and penal action.

Display of FPC:

FPC shall be displayed at all offices where lending is done in the language which is easy to understand by the borrowers.


Loan Application Form, Loan card and other stationery will be in the language easy to understand by the borrowers and the contents will conform to the requirement of RBI guidelines.

Grievance Redressal:

In each branch, the name, address and contact no. of the person nominated as Grievance Redressal Officer/ Nodal Officer will be displayed, who will be primarily responsible to look into and resolve complaints of borrowers, if any. Such information shall be regularly provided to the operation/business Head of the company.


Periodical Inspection/Audit will be done by the designated authority to ensure compliance of FPC at all concerned offices.

Training Programs

ARTH’s HR department has conducted Training Program on RBI Guidelines for Fair Practice Code and Customer Satisfaction at Kota and Jaipur.