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Nurturing Success Stories

ARTH Microfinance has extended loans to 19873 women in 6 districts across 3 states of India. In the process of delivering cost effective and convenient financial solutions and related technological inputs, ARTH has not only helped its family members to achieve financial independence, but greater decision making abilities as well. A large number of entrepreneurship stories are only the icing on the cake. Our vision is to serve 200,000 households by 2013 using the best financial practices and state-of-art technology, thereby creating a commercial microfinance model that delivers high value to all its stakeholders.

The huge success of ARTH solely depends on its women stakeholders. It is well known that women are more reliable debtors because, due to stronger social and family ties, they often follow a more conservative investment strategy, and therefore are more credit worthy. This is further sustained by a relatively low degree of labour mobility, as they work from home. Women tend to cooperate better, facilitating the joint liability group lending system and tend to invest profits in their household and for the family.

Most importantly, access to financial services can empower women to become more confident, more assertive, more likely to participate in family and community decisions, and better able to confront systemic gender inequities.

Leela Bai

45 years, Jhalawar
A cancer survivor for 25 years, Leela Bai is very well known for her bag stitching skills. Famous in Jhalawar as the ‘Bag wali Bai’, she only stitches bags on order. Since 1984, she has been stitching bags, after her recovery from cancer and getting a Jaipur foot, and helping her husband with the ever increasing expenditures of the household and her disease. She has been one of the earliest beneficiaries of ARTH and has only increased her business over the years. She has also undertaken many training programs and trained over 50 women. Her relentless courage is a source of constant inspiration, not only her co-members, but for the officers of ARTH as well.

Sarla Devi

Vegetable Vendor, 40 years, Jhalawar
Sarla Devi is one of the oldest members of ARTH. Before she became a part of ARTH, the couple was living from hand to mouth, as daily wage workers. When she got associated with ARTH, her saving habits and loan assistance has allowed her and her family to sell vegetables (onion and garlic) and spices, that last for about 6 months. She sells her wares at every day of the week at different haats. Now her sons work with her and they also have a permanent shop

Mangi Bai

Lentil seller, 35 years, Jhalawar
Mangi Bai was a small time vegetable seller, before she became a part of ARTH. Along with her savings and loan assistance through the passage of time, she now buys different kinds of lentils from the mandi and sells them at weekly haats. She now has two such stalls in one haat, which her husband manages.

Geeta Bai

Cosmetic and artificial jewelry seller, 36 years, Jhalawar
Geeta had a small piece of land, which obviously was not enough for the family to survive. She dreamt of having her shop of artificial jewelry for the women in her neighborhood. Well, certain things take time, and with the loan assistance from ARTH, she now sells cosmetics and artificial jewelry in the weekly haat on her two thelas. One of the thelas is her own. Her daughter and son also help her in her business, when they are not at school. Full of confidence, she aspires to have her own shop.

Santosh Bai

Cosmetic and artificial jewelry seller, 32 years, Jhalawar
Associated with ARTH for the past 8 years, Santosh rose from very humble background to having her own thela on which she sells cosmetic articles in weekly haats in Jhalawar region, in a radius of 30 kms. She now has a pucca house and is has sent her children to school. She is now assisted by her son in her business.

Braj Kanwar

Textile shop owner, 33 years, Kalamandi Kala Village
A self made woman, Braj Kanwar began to save, once she got associated with ARTH. Not only that, she mobilized other women to become a part of that group. She was married off at an early age, and her husband died when she was expecting her second daughter. To be able to stand on her own feet, she started her own textile shop with the loan that the group had got (through mutual consent). Her father also supported her in her business. Since she had also learnt stitching, her father got her a sewing machine and she began to stitch Rajputi dresses for the women in her neighborhood. Her business flourished big time and she repayed all the loans on time. She also made herself a house though the IAY (Indira Awas Yojana). Today her daughters help her in her business.

Lalita Bai

Tea stall vendor, 35 years, Choti Raipur Village
The President of the Mahadeo Group, she has mobilized and kept intact, all the 11 members of her group, for the past 7 years. She was a daily wage earner with her husband. It was all ok till the husband fell ill. By that time, she had already become a part of the group and had managed to save as well. When IIRD (the sister concern of ARTH) facilitated a loan for a lakh rupees, she took a loan of 3 people (through mutual consent), and promised to pay her loans on time. She opened a grocery store and tea stall. Her perseverance paid off and she did pay all her loans on time. In the meantime, her standard of living has increased, and she has also bought a refrigerator to store cold drinks for her customers. Not only has her standard of living increased, but she has created awareness for savings and community efforts to the many women in her village.

Mathri Bai

Vegetable seller, 45 years, Jhalawar
Mathri Bai used to sell vegetables outside her house to supplement her husband’s meager earnings. When her neighborhood friends introduced her to ARTH 5 years ago, she was not sure about its benefits. She got an incentive to save, though. With loan assistance, over the years, she now has her own thela, and is able to buy vegetables from the mandi directly, to sell it in the weekly haat, across the region.

Balaji Group

Govindpura Panchayat, Kherasi village
Led by 50 years old President, Shanti Bai, Balaji Group has 12 members. One of the oldest groups initiated by ARTH, this group has been one of the most prompt on paying loans. The members of the group are vegetable growers. With a loan, they have bought a loading auto collectively. They can go to the vegetable market as and when they want, and are no longer dependent on anybody to sell their produce. No doubt, they have prospered economically. One of the women, Tulsi, always wanted to buy silver anklets, and she got them made for herself. Shanti Bai’s land is under dispute and in the court. All this while, she had no money to hire a lawyer. Now she is obviously able to do that, and hopes to win the case. All of the members have a refrigerator and a TV in their houses. Not just that, the group has conducted many awareness campaigns in the village- basic hygiene campaign, no-addiction campaign, and others. The members also have learnt to sign their own signatures.

Tulsi Bai

Onion Garlic seller, 42 years, Jhalawar
In her 10 year association with ARTH, Tulsi has graduated from selling in just weekly haat to at least six such haats in the region. Her family (husband and children) support her in her business. Because they worked together dedicatedly, they now have a pucca two storey house.

Gayatri Panchal

35 years, Tailor, Lanka Gate, Jhalawar Patan
Faced with everyday crisis of making ends meet, the very smart Gayatri immediately became a member of a group encouraged and monitored by Arth Finance. She had learnt stitching at her mother’s before she got married. She bought a sewing machine with her first loan and began her work. Earlier, she had to market herself extensively in the neighborhood. 5 years later, she is a well established name. She has also helped with her husband’s business. She also keeps materials and fabrics for sale. She now wants to buy a peco machine that will enhance her income by 15%. She says, with a smile on her face,

Thanks to Arth Finance, who has helped us a lot, I learned so many techniques to run a business. Their advice is invaluable.

Kanya Bai

48 years, Buffalo trader, Lanka Gate, Jhalawar Patan
Kanya Bai had no skills when she and her husband migrated from a village nearby. However, she did know a lot about buffaloes. When her friend told her about how Arth Finance had supported her in her business, she immediately became a member. With her first loan and some financial help from her relatives, she and her husband bought a goat. She took a lot of care of the goat and sold it at huge profits. She then began to rotate a certain amount of profit in buying animals and fodder. Since then, it has been a routine. She buys younger animals, feeds them and takes very good care of them and then sells them off at good amounts of profits. The couple has made a pucca house for themselves and put their two children in a private school to ensure good education for them. Kanya Bai wants to buy more animals and breed and develop them in a more professional way. In the future she would like to take a loan out to buy a shed for her herd.


48 years, Handmade Iron Articles, Lanka Gate, Jhalawar Patan
Rekha and her husband would only survive on a meager income of 50 INR a day by making iron articles. This income was also seasonal and very sparse. Besides, he did not have the wherewithal to start a shop. 5 years later, with 4 microloans and a lot of hard work, the couple has now set up a shop outside their home, and makes a monthly income of INR 7000 now. “My objective in the next six months is to try to move my shop to a better location closer to the market to be able to attract more customers and grow the profit of my shop”, she says.


30 years, Beauty Parlor, Lanka Gate, Jhalawar Patan
Radha’s husband’s small shop was unable to meet the demands of the family. Borrowing from relatives had begun to have a negative impact on family relations, so Radha set out for other funding opportunities. She heard about Arth Finance’s microcredit activities through her friend, and was immediately interested in its services. A series of loans and many odd jobs later, Radha was finally able to set up her own beauty parlor, a year and half ago. Her business has become extremely successful and is extremely popular in the neighborhood. She earns about 6000 INR every month now. “I am really happy with Arth Finance for their prompt actions and their professionalism in their office work and in their explanations”, she now tells, with a thriving business.

Anita Gaur

32 years, Agarbatti Maker, Silavat Mohalla, Jhalawar Patan
Anita Gaur and her husband work relentlessly on their business of leaves bowl. With the first loan of INR 3000, she bought her first round of raw material for agarbatti. Ever since, the couple has developed their business and now supply to all major wholesalers in the city. They earn a cumulative income of INR 12000 and have bought a machine also, to increase work speed. “I never thought I will be able to walk hand in hand with my husband and make financial decisions for the household with him. I have been able to do this, only because Arth Finance showed that kind of confidence in me.” They now plan to buy more machinery and work on intensive marketing.

Dhapu Bai

Agarbatti Maker, Silavat Mohalla, Jhalawar Patan
It is very difficult to find Dhapu Bai in her house. She is constantly on the run busy managing about 20 women make cotton wicks. In her business of supplying cotton wicks and a monthly income of 8000 INR, she has not only made a pucca house for herself, educated her son till H. S. C. and landed him a job, she has given employment opportunities to about 25 women. “Had I had access to Arth Finance loans much earlier, life would have been so much better”, says Dhapu Bai, who was one of the first customers of Arth Finance.

Chanda Bai

36 years, Agarbatti Maker, Silavat Mohalla, Jhalawar Patan
Chanda helps her sculptor husband in running their household, by making cotton wicks and agarbattis for the past 7 years. One of the first receivers of microloan from Arth Finance, she has helped her husband set up his own sculptor workshop. Things have gotten better and she has also purchased her own house. “Thanks to Arth Finance, my life has changed for the better.” She has 4 daughters and she has to get them all married.

I will get them married in better households, all because of Arth Finance

Anusuya Porwal

35 years, Shopkeeper, Silavat Mohalla, Jhalawar Patan
Anusuya has 2 kids- a girl and a boy and her husband’s meager income from his work was not enough to run the household. 7 years ago, when Arth Finance opened its first branch in Jhalawar, Anusuya was one of the first members to take a loan. She also received training in agarbatti making and leaves bowl making from Arth Finance’s sister organization, IIRD. She bought raw material for agarbatti with her first loan of 5000 INR. Things changed for the better since then. Today with a series of loans and some help from her brother, she has opened up a cloth store in her own home. Her shop has material worth a lakh of rupees today. She also stitches caps, coats and rida for the Bohra community in her vicinity. Her shop brims with customers all the time. She has enrolled her daughter in a private school and has paid all her old loans in time.

I was able to not only manage my family and look after my children’s education, but also develop the business to the next level from my monthly income.

Mrs. Hem Kanwar

Sari and Garment Shop Owner, Khandiya, Baran
Hemkanwar lives in a small village with her social worker husband. The meager amount obviously did not suffice the family. After connecting with ARTH and forming a JLG with 5 other members, she put her talent to use. Very good at stitching, she bought a hand operated sewing machine to stitch Rajputi attire for the women folk in the village and earned 1200 Rs a month. Further, she took another loan to buy an electricity run machine. The growth is only vertical since then. Now she runs her business around the clock with women employed under her. She now has plans to expand the business and include selling ladies accessories also.

With the financial support and technical inputs from ARTH, I am able to generate profits in my tailoring shop and I see myself expanding very soon.

Kaushalya Devi

Goat Keeper, Jhalawar
Kaushalya Devi, a widow from a small village in Jhalawar saw life in its lowest ebb. Moneylender’s loans, kuccha house, no monthly income! Then she bought 2 goats with the first loan as a part of ARTH JLG member. Life has been kind since then. She has not paid back the moneylender’s loan, but has increased on the number of goats and built her house with bricks and cement.

They say, those who dare to dream, can achieve anything under the sky. I am very proud of myself and ARTH has given me that confidence.


Bangle Shop Owner, Mandsaur
Coming from a family with meager income, she connected herself with ARTH 4 years ago, and started a bangle shop. Dedication and discipline paid off, and now she has purchased a land and will build her house very soon.

I began my humble bangle shop in my locality, with the loan from ARTH, and I now have purchased a land on which I will build my house very soon.