Manju Gavaria

Moonj Grass sorter
Loans that keep the family together
40 years old
Bassi, Jaipur

Manju says, “Arth’s loans are the best things that have happened to us. My husband doesn’t have to become a day laborer or go to a company to earn a meager INR 200 per day. We are bound by no rules and regulations. I can finish my household chores and then begin sorting moonj. We are at ease and love each other and our work. We don’t save a lot of money, but contentment - we thrive upon.”

One of the few remaining people to continue their traditional occupation of making articles of moonj grass, Manju and her sisters-in-law continue to live and work with moonj together. This is because they can buy raw materials at bulk rates with the help of Arth’s loans.