Suhani Meena

Garment Retail and Stitching
28 years old
Pratap Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

Suhani says, “Women can stop eating food, but they can never stop wearing new and nice sarees. I didn’t have much of a problem during the Covid -19 induced lockdown. Women kept buying sarees from me, since my house and shop are the same. It didn’t pich me much, even though my husband had to change his money changer shop because no foreign tourist came.” With the first loan she bought sarees, a sewing machine with the second loan, in a span of three years. She earns about INR 7-8000 every month and has made her house a pucca one and built more rooms in there. She will get cosmetics in her shop with the next loan she get from Arth.